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Barrier films

Our consistent and long term business relationship with German partners results in our official distribution of All-Vac-Folien in Poland. Thanks to this, we can guarantee high quality products and we can offer our clients technical support directly from German partners.

On continuous basis, we offer PA/PE barrier films, imported from Germany, which are used for vacuum packaging and packaging in inert gas mixtures on (horizontal and vertical) roller machines. Our offer includes materials from 60 to 220 microns thick.
Thanks to constant stock control, we can quickly response to our clients needs.
Standard PA/PE film delivered within 2-3 days. All types of non-standard PA/PE film, at customer’s request, delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Standard film thicknesses:

Top film
70 my (PA/PE 20/50)
90 my (PA/PE 20/70)

Bottom film
100 my (PA/PE 20/80)
100 my (PA/PE 30/70)
120 my (PA/PE 30/90)
140 my (PA/PE 40/100)
150 my (PA/PE 40/110)
170 my (PA/PE 50/120)
180 my (PA/PE 60/120)
200 my (PA/PE 60/140)
230 my (PA/PE 80/150)

Standard sizes:

Top film
270 mm
297 mm
305 mm
316 mm
406 mm
416 mm
420 mm

Bottom film
289 mm
322 mm
358 mm
423 mm
425 mm
432 mm
462 mm

At customer’s request we offer film in different sizes, thicknesses and from different raw materials.
Special layers such as: Antifog, PEEL and EVOH, are available.
High quality products are guaranteed by German company: